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Revd Canon Professor Scott Cowdell

BSc, BTh, BA (Hons), PhD

Adjunct Research Professor, Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture

Scott Cowdell (b. 1960) grew up and studied in Brisbane. After a science degree in physics and mathematics at Griffith University he attended St Francis' Theological College and the University of Queensland, and was ordained as an Anglican priest in 1988. His PhD from the University of Queensland was awarded in 1994 with a dissertation on the uniqueness and finality of Jesus Christ in late-twentieth century Christian thought. His BA (Hons) and PhD dissertations were both published internationally.

Fr Cowdell was a parish priest and theology tutor in Brisbane (1992-97), taught in the United Faculty of Theology at Trinity College in Melbourne (1997-98), and was Principal of St Barnabas' Theological College, Adelaide, also a Senior Lecturer in Theology at Flinders University (1998-2002). He was a longstanding Member of the Doctrine Commission of the Anglican Church (1996-2009). He came to Canberra in 2002 to be Rector of St Paul's Anglican Church, Manuka. In 2007 he was appointed as Canon Theologian of the Canberra-Goulburn Diocese and won a five-year research fellowship as an Associate Professor with PACT (Centre for Public and Contextual Theology), based at St Mark's National Theological Centre. Since mid-2012 he has held a research-only appointment at the Canberra Campus of CSU, funded from 2013 to 2017 by a research grant from an American Foundation. He was promoted to adjunct Research Professor in mid-2014.

Professor Cowdell is the author of ten books, most recently René Girard and the Nonviolent God (University of Notre Dame Press, 2018) and Mimetic Theory and its Shadow: Girard, Milbank, and Ontological Violence (Michigan State University Press, forthcoming 2023). With colleagues from the Australian Catholic University and The University of Western Sydney, he founded the Australian Girard Seminar and became its first President. To date they have produced twelve edited volumes with Bloomsbury Academic (London and New York) in their own series, entitled "Violence, Desire, and the Sacred".


    Professor Cowdell is currently working on Girard and theology, ecclesiology, and theological method.

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