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Dr Jessie Lymn

Dr Jessie Lymn

PhD (UTS), MA (Information and Knowledge Management) (UTS), BA (Hons) Cultural Studies (Adelaide)


Dr Jessie Lymn is a Course Director in the School of Information Studies at Charles Sturt University.

Jessie received her PhD from the University of Technology Sydney in 2014. She also holds a Master of Arts (Information & Knowledge Management) from UTS (2008) and a Bachelor of Arts (Cultural Studies) (First Class Honours) from the University of Adelaide (2000). Jessie also has a Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (CSU, 2017).

Prior to starting at CSU in 2016 Jessie worked in a wide variety of organisations, including as a Web Manager at the Australian Tax Office, archivist at a small community archive, at the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Data Archive, as an information consultant for an NGO in Vanuatu, and a Research Officer at the UTS Centre for Local Government, with a research focus on public libraries.


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Jessie's current research program considers non-normative material in collections, arguing for a consideration of non-linearity, disruption, and productive effects. This currently includes zines and fanzines in institutional and non-institutional collections, and LGBTI+ material in GLAM sector institutions, and allows for further projects that reflect the non-normative in mainstream collections.

Jessie's focus on non-normative material in collections reflects her research path to date, and builds an understanding of practices and content that is not part of the grand narrative of regional and national identity. This supports CSU’s research aim ‘to create a world worth living in’, even for those whose life experience, history and practices fall outside of the mainstream. The projects align with the Research Narrative foci of Flourishing Communities and Resilient People.


‘Graphic Novels, Zines, and Libraries’ (2018)

$2,800 funding from the City of Wagga Wagga Annual Grant program

‘Practices of Australian (fan)zines – uncovering the networks and practices of early Australian sci-fi fanzines’ (2016)

$10,000 funding from the CAUL/ASA Special Collections Fellowship

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Areas of supervision include: collections; special collections; community archives; LGBTIQ material; zines, fanzines and other DIY publishing.

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Records and Archives Management Specialisation Coordinator for the Master of Information Studies and Bachelor of Information Studies.

Subject Coordinator for:

  • INF210 & INF435 Collections
  • INF317 & INF435 Organisational and Personal Knowledge

Other teaching areas include Records and Archives, Foundations for Information Studies, and our suite of Professional Experience subjects.

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Professional Engagement

  • Councillor, Australian Society of Archivists
  • Associate, Australian Library and Information Association (AALIA)
  • Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia

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Conference Presentations

  • Lymn, J., Carroll, M. & Pymm, R. (2018) ‘Strong foundations for the future: the role of audio visual archives education programs in the Pacific and Southeast Asia’. South East Asia-Pacific Audiovisual Archive Association (SEAPAVAA), Bangkok, Thailand
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Professional Presentations

  • 2017 ‘Discover SF Collections!’ Murdoch University, WA
  • 2017 ‘Zines, Design and Politics’ Frontyard, Marrickville
  • 2011 Roundtable discussion on archival education, RIMPA, Darwin
  • 2009 Zines! Collection Management seminar, State Library of NSW

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