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Dr Lisa Armitage

Dr Lisa Armitage

Bachelor of Adult Education (with distinction) WSU, Master of Social Science (with distinction) WSU, Bachelor of Adult Education (1st class Hons) UWS, PhD in Philosophy WSU

My disciplinary background is in the visual arts and social sciences with a focus on the field of adult education. My work history is in community development research; teaching social research methods at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and project management in the governance and enhancement of learning and teaching quality. My teaching philosophy is centred by education for social justice and individual and community transformation. My expertise includes creative curriculum and assessment design, innovation to support transitioning and non-traditional students' learning, engagement and success, work-based learning and contextual evaluation of these.

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My research activity is eclectic, but as a whole reflects an interest in interdisciplinarity and how academics and students navigate competing scholarly cultures and conventions in learning processes. This focus is relevant for the contemporary university sector where both students and teachers must step beyond their chosen disciplinary homes to engage fully in today's increasingly de-centred curricula.

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Scholarships and Awards

  • Illinois Qualitative Dissertation Award (Honourable Mention), International Association of Qualitative Inquiry, 2015
  • School Manager's Award, School of Social Sciences and Psychology Western Sydney University, 2014
  • Australian Postgraduate Award, 2008 – 2011
  • Western Sydney University Postgraduate Top-Up Award, 2008 – 2011
  • Western Sydney University Medal for Academic Excellence, 2007
  • Deans Merit List, College of Arts, Masters of Social Science, Western Sydney University, 2006
  • Western Sydney University Vice Chancellor's Award for Team Teaching (Highly Commended)  Fire Services Research Team, Centre for Learning and Social Transformation, 2004

Examples of recent institutional contributions: Western Sydney University (WSU)

  • 2016: WSU Showcase presentation: Feedback and feedforward: a case study of an effective strategy for first year students
  • 2016: School of Social Sciences and Psychology, WSU presentation, Developing a comment bank in GradeMark for transitioning students – an advisor's role and perspective
  • 2015: Guest Lecturer, Bachelor of Education (Primary) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education, Telling stories about artefacts for teaching evidence
  • 2015: PVC STaRS workshop, WSU: Embedding Academic Literacy in Curriculum
  • 2014: Invited review panel member, 3MT competition, WSU
  • 2012: Invited speaker, WSU Research Supervisors Forum: The changing doctoral thesis: Exploring the risks and rewards.
  • 2012: Keynote Speaker: School of Social Science and Psychology (WSU) HDR retreat

Examples of national contributions

  • 2012-2014: Member of the member of the NSW/ACT Promoting Excellence Network project funded by the Office for Learning and Teaching
  • 2012-2014: WSU Institutional Contact Officer facilitating and administering national and international partnerships for learning and teaching grants

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