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Charles Sturt University


Taught and designed by independent Muslim scholars in Australia, the courses offered by Charles Sturt University provide the first opportunity for a structured and accredited program in Islamic Studies in Australia.

The courses uniquely combine traditional Islamic science, such as the exegesis of the Qur'an (tafsir), Prophetic traditions (hadith) and Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) with modern disciplines and contemporary studies, providing a holistic perspective to Islamic studies for our modern world.

Students will learn about Islamic theology, history, legal, social, contemporary and spiritual sciences and the foundations of the Arabic language and will gain an understanding of Islam, which can be beneficial in a myriad of professions.  Students will also develop academic writing abilities as well as critical thinking skills and the foundations for scholarly research. Studying Islamic Sciences can pave the way for further studies and research in Islamic faith, traditions and history.

Programs are offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels to suit a wide range of students. The courses are designed to be flexible and are available through distance education, with the option of lectures and tutorials held in the central Auburn locality.