Suleyman Sertkaya

Course Director

Dr Suleyman Sertkaya

BA, MA, PhD, GradCert in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Course Director / Lecturer in Islamic Studies
CISAC Melbourne

Suleyman is a lecturer in Classical Islamic Studies related subjects at the Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation, Charles Sturt University. Suleyman graduated from the School of Divinity at University of Marmara, Istanbul. He pursued his MA in the Tafsir (exegesis) discipline with a particular focus on the exegesis of chapter 18 of the Qur’an at the same university. Suleyman completed his PhD thesis on modern scholars’ approach to Sīrah (biography of Prophet Muhammad) genre at ACU, Australia. His major interests are Sīrah of the Prophet and Sīrah Philosophy, Exegesis of the Qur’an, Hadīth (Prophetic Tradition), Interpretation of Islamic Sacred Texts, Islamic Theology, Radicalisation and Islam, Islam and Morality, History of Prophets, History of Islam, and Muslims in Australia and Oral History.

Suleyman lectures in topics related to classical Islamic Studies, contemporary Islamic studies and coordinates the research subjects:

  • ISL181 Sirah (Life of Prophet Muhammad)
  • ISL1481 Philosophy of Prophet Muhammad’s Life (Sirah)
  • ISL282 History of Prophets: Adam to Jesus
  • ISL232 Usul al-Hadith (Methodology of Prophetic Traditions)
  • ISL333 Advanced Study of Hadith Literature
  • ISL170 Ihsan (Spirituality) Essentials
  • ISL470 Essentials of Islamic Spirituality
  • ISL591 Interpreting Islamic Sacred Texts


Principle Supervisor:

Mostafa El-Gashingi (PhD). “A Critical Analysis of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in Classical Islamic Texts vs Contemporary Fatwas: Exploring its Conceptualisation, Identification, Treatment and Modern-day Difficulties.”


David Drennan (PhD). “Beyond Flexibility in Fatwas: Engaging Power, Progress, and Modernity in Islamic Thought in Northwest Africa.”

Ikramullah Ahmad (MA). “Sighting the Moon for Ramadan in Islamic Law: A Critical Evaluation of Diverse Views on Calculation and Physical Sighting.”

Suleyman’s research interests include:

  • Sīrah of the Prophet and Sīrah Philosophy
  • Exegesis of the Qur’an
  • Hadīth (Prophetic Tradition)
  • Interpretation of Islamic Sacred Texts
  • Islamic Theology
  • Islam and Morality
  • History of Prophets
  • Comparative Theology
  • History of Islam
  • Muslims in Australia
  • Oral History

Suleyman is actively involved in academic associations and community organisations. Suleyman is currently the member of:

  • Australian Association of Islamic and Muslim Studies (AAIMS)
  • Guest Editor for Religions’ Special Issue on “Modern Approaches to the Sīrah Genre, Prophetic Stories, and Prophethood in Islamic Thought”
  • FOAE Faculty Course Committee at Charles Sturt University
  • CISAC Research Team, CSU
  • CISAC School Board, CSU
  • Comparative Theology Reading Group, ACU

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