Abdul Hadi Shah Idil

Teaching and Research Staff

Abdul Hadi Shah Idil

Course Coordinator (Master of Classical Arabic)

Abdul Hadi graduated in 2007 with a First Class Honours in Economics with the university medal from the University of New South Wales. Subsequently, he left in 2010 to study Arabic at the Qasid Institute in Jordan. During this period, he also furthered his Arabic learning under the tutelage of Sh. Ali Hani and Sh. Rajab Mutambay, and also studied the traditional Islamic sciences including Islamic law, theology, and Qur’anic exegesis with Jordanian scholars. Since returning to Australia in 2012, he has furthered his studies particularly in Islamic law under the tutelage of Dr. Salah Abulhajj and Hadith methodology with Sh. Abdul Moez Nafti, and has taught at various institutions including Daar Ibn Abbas and ISRA Academy. Currently, he is a teacher at Daar Ibn Abbas, and a lecturer of Arabic at CSU. He is also currently a Master’s candidate in Islamic Law and Legal Methodology through WISE University, Jordan.

Classical Arabic, Hanafi Islamic Law and Legal Methodology

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