Omer Ergi

Teaching and Research Staff

Dr Omer Atilla Ergi

MA, Theology. PhD, Theology/Philosophy

Lecturer in Islamic Theology

Omer has been involved in Islamic sciences since 1990, teaching Islamic theology in various study circles and platforms. He has published several articles in Islamic journals and other publications on various topics from history, science and religion, theology, and philosophy. He has delivered speeches at academic and public conferences at Melbourne, La Trobe, Deakin, Victoria and Charles Sturt Universities and public venues on different topics on Islam, theology, and science. He has delivered online speeches for various universities over the globe and attended discussion on several popular YouTube channels and continues to do so.

Omer also contributed to intercultural and interfaith projects through activities of Australian Intercultural Society from 2002 – 2010. He was the managing editor of Fountain Magazine from 1993-1995 and published several articles in Fountain and Sizinti magazines. In 2010, he was the managing editor of the Selimiye Bulletin.

Omer has also published 7 books, edited 16 and translated 5 books. His latest book is based on his PhD thesis, titled “Predestination and Free Will – A Comparative Study”.

Omer is a recipient of several awards for his contributions to education, Islamic studies, intercultural dialogue, social harmony, and inclusiveness. Currently, he is an academic and lecturer at Charles Sturt University.

Area of expertise is Islamic Faith Essentials and Theology, Etiquettes and Moral Values of Islam, Islamic History, Islamic Philosophy and Science.

Research interests are Islamic theology and philosophy, astronomy, physics and quantum physics.

Currently, in the process of publishing his latest book on predestination and free will and conducting research on the possible relationship between physics and metaphysics.

  • Australian Intercultural Society
  • Serenity Foundation
  • Quba Mosque
  • Selimiye Foundation
  • Respect Risale Academy
  • Sophia Academy