Salih Yucel

Teaching and Research Staff

Associate Professor Salih Yucel

Lecturer in Islamic Studies

Associate Professor Salih Yucel completed his Bachelor of Islamic Theology – a five-year program and equivalent to undergraduate and Masters Degree – at the University of Ankara in 1982. He undertook various ecclesiastical roles for ten years for the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Turkey. Subsequent to attaining his Australian permanent-resident status, he completed a Master of Theology at the University of Sydney in 1996. He continued his postgraduate studies in the United States and completed his doctorate at Boston University in 2007. His doctoral research was on "The Effect of Prayer on Muslim Patients Well-being"

Salih also worked as a Muslim Chaplain at Harvard Medical School's hospitals for seven years. After ten years in the United States, he returned to Australia in 2007.  A/Prof. Yucel worked as a lecturer and senior lecturer at the Centre for Religious Studies at Monash University between  2008-2014. Currently, he teaches at the Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation at Charles Sturt University in Sydney. He is author of four books, co-author of one book and a number of articles and book chapters. He is also the first Muslim Clinical Pastoral Supervisor in Australia


2009 – Dean’s Commendation for Teaching Excellence, Monash University, Melbourne

2010 – Dean’s Commendation for Teaching Excellence, Monash University, Melbourne

2011- Dean’s Commendation for Teaching Excellence, Monash University, Melbourne

2013 - Twenty Years in Community Service Award, Galaxy Foundation, NSW

2018- Faculty of Arts and Education, Charles Sturt University, Team Award for the students’ satisfaction in 2017

2021- Vice Chancellor Highly Commended Award (Islamic Chaplaincy), Charles Sturt University

Work Experience


Associate Professor, Lecturer, Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation, Charles Sturt University, Sydney, January 2015 – present (0.6)

Associate Professor, Lecturer (0.4) at Australian Catholic University, April 2017-present

Associate Professor, Course Director, Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation, Charles Sturt University, Sydney January 2015- August 2016

Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies, January 2012-2014, Monash University, Melbourne

Lecturer in Islamic Studies, January 2008- December 2011, Monash University, Melbourne

Research Fellow, Durham University, UK, July- November 2013

Visiting Scholar, State Islamic University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, February- June 2018


Imam: Redfern Mosque, Sydney, 1987-1992

Volunteer Muslim Chaplain, Randwick Hospital, Westmead Hospital, Sydney (1990-1997)

Muslim Chaplain, NSW Corrective Services, Sydney, 1991-1997

Volunteer Muslim Chaplain, Mt Sinai Hospital, New York,1999-2000

Muslim Chaplain, Brigham and Women Hospital, (0.8) Boston,(Harvard Medical School’s health institution) 2001-2007

Muslim Chaplain, Boston Children Hospital, Boston (part-time) (Harvard Medical School’s health institution) 2006-2007

Muslim Chaplain. Plymouth Correctional Centre, MA, USA (4 hours per week) 2006-2007

Volunteer Muslim Chaplain, Monash Medical Centre, 2010-2014

Language Skill

Native language: Turkish

Fluent in: English, Arabic, Ottoman Turkish, Kurdish

Intermediate Persian

Research & Grants

AIS salary support: $324000 , Monash University 2008-2014

Charles Sturt University PAcT  Indigenous research grant: $6150

Collier Foundation: 36,000 for ISRA.

Postgraduate Supervision

PhD Candidates currently being supervised

  • Sawsan Zadeh, Can Muslim healthcare professionals have a role in counteracting Islamophobia within Australian society through contact with their patients? Charles Sturt University
  • Mursal Farman, Abdullah Ibn ‘Umar, a reformer in the Period of Civil Wars or fitan, his views at that time and its applicability in today's Muslim World, Australian Catholic University
  • Mir Sadiq Ansari: Is there scope for matn criticism, independent of the strength of the isnad, particularly when there is a conflict with the 'aql or reason? Charles Sturt University.

PhD Candidates currently being co-supervised

  • Sarkhan Gasimow: Mystical path of Al-Ghazali and Abraham Maimonides in Knowledge and Morality: A Comparative Study. Charles Sturt University
  • Amer Ali: Absolutism or Relativism: Critical Analysis of Fourteen Controversial Ahadith, (ACU)
  • Robert Paix: Rabghūzī''s "Stories of the Prophets" and the art of theological persuasion: sources, literary features, transmission, socio-religious impact. (ACU)


  • Momina Naveed, Deobandi and Nur Movement’s Women in Australia: A Critical Analysis of Their Social and Religious Activities, Charles Sturt University


  • Atilla Ergi: Destiny and Human Free will: can they co-exist? (CSU).
  • David Sneddon, A comprehensive exploration of history faith based micro meso and macro dialogue between Muslims and non Muslims in Australia prior to 9/11, Australian Catholic University
  • Haybatullah Abouzeid: A critical analysis of the representation of Islam in the 21stcentury in the work of Bernard Lewis and John Esposito (Monash University)
  • Mohd Rosmizi Abd Rahman, The concept of good deeds according to Augustine and Al-Ghazali (completed).
  • Mark Antony Stone, (Neither Shall They Grieve: Contemporary Sufism, Universalism and Inter-Religious Understanding) (completed).
  • Sureyya Cicek: ' A study of the internal growth dynamics of the Gulen movement and its dialogical engagement with non-Muslim communities' (completed).
  • Mahsheed Ansari: 'Prophethood and Muhammed according to Mawlana Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938) and Bediuzzaman Said Nursi (1877-1960)' (completed).

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