Suhail Noor

Teaching and Research Staff

Suhail Noor

Arabic Lecturer


Suhail Noor is an Arabic instructor and tutor. After spending nineteen years in some of the gulf countries, he then travelled to Australia where he studied International Business at Macquarie University. Suhail studied the Arabic language throughout his stay in the Gulf countries. Since graduating in 2010, Suhail worked as a religion and values teacher.

In 2013, Suhail has completed Master of Islamic Studies at the Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation at Charles Sturt University. In addition to working and studying, Suhail has been volunteering as an Arabic teacher for ISRA's Youth College, as well as tutoring Arabic subjects.

Currently, Suhail is one of the teaching staff of the Arabic subjects offered by CISAC. He is also the course coordinator of the Master of Arts (Classical Arabic).

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