Suzan Makhloof

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Suzan Makhloof

Arabic Lecturer


Suzan is an Arabic Language instructor. Originally from Egypt, she was a university lecturer of English before moving to Australia in 2018 to pursue her PhD in English Linguistics (Applied Phonology). In addition to her academic pursuits, Suzan is a part-time high school English teacher and language pathway teacher at the University of Newcastle. She is a skilled Arabic-English interpreter and translator, offering services to numerous public and private agencies across New South Wales, especially in the medical field. Suzan has a deep passion for language and culture. She is proficient in seven dialects of Arabic and enjoys teaching both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian Arabic, with a focus on Arabic syntax, morphology, and phonology. Suzan holds a professional diploma in Arabic-English legal translation and UN document translation from the American University of Cairo, as well as a TAFL (Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language) certificate from the same institution. She takes pride in sharing her knowledge and love of the Arabic language and culture with her students, and in helping them to develop their language skills for both personal and professional purposes.

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