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Welcome to Professional Experience in the Faculty of Arts and Education

Professional Experience forms an integral and respected component of a teacher education student's course of professional education. A well planned induction to teaching is fundamental to the development of positive attitudes and provides a secure foundation for continuing professional learning and personal growth.

Staff from the Faculty of Arts and Education at Charles Sturt University are very conscious of the importance of the induction process, both pre and post service, and value the privilege of working as a team with teachers and the broader education community, in the diverse sites in which our teacher education students undertake professional experience activities.

We believe that Professional Experience programs should:

  • Help prepare teacher education students for their multifaceted roles in schools and early childhood education settings/services;
  • Provide opportunities for the development of sound professional and interpersonal skills of all participants;
  • Encourage teacher education students to develop increased responsibility for their own professional learning and learning of their students;
  • Provide professional partners with support to undertake the role effectively and in a mutually beneficial way;
  • Facilitate communication between all stakeholders to ensure shared understandings and expectations of the programs;
  • Reflect the changing needs of workplaces and jurisdictions.