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Dr Rahul Ganguly

PhD (SpEd), Illinois MS (SpEd), Oregon

Course Director
Building 1431 Room 2.45

Dr Rahul Ganguly is Senior Lecturer in Education and the Acting Course Director (Postgraduate Studies - Education) at CSU. Prior to coming to CSU, Rahul was a Senior Lecturer at USQ and Deputy Chief Commissioner-Disabilities (Government of India). Rahul’s passion for supporting self-determination among young adults with disabilities and their families has defined his career.

Rahul’s research investigates resilience among university students with disabilities and caregivers of young adults with emotional/behavioural disabilities. Rahul’s has received grants from the Australian Government, NCSEHE, and India-Vision Foundation. His current research examines the organisational, family, and personal facilitators/barriers that assist individuals with disabilities in Australia choose a STEM-related career. Additionally, Rahul is collaborating with colleagues at CSU and India to investigate compassion among caregivers of young adults with autism and intellectual disabilities.

Rahul spends his free time travelling the world, watching sports, movies, and catching his favourite shows at the Sydney Opera House.

Dr Rahul Ganguly is the Acting Course Director (Acting Course Director (Postgraduate Studies - Education). Rahul’s teaching approaches to support students develop a stronger sense of self-confidence, an appreciation of the systemic inequalities that students with disabilities and their families experience routinely, and a set of analytical problem-solving tools to reduce these environmental social and academic disadvantages. At CSU, Rahul teaches the following courses:

ESS422: Assessment and Evaluation for Learning

ESS440: Teaching and Learning in the Differentiated Classroom

Dr Rahul Ganguly’s areas of research interest include:

  • Autism
  • Secondary/Postsecondary Education to Work Transitions for Students with Disabilities
  • Resilience in Long term Caregiving among Families of Individuals with Disabilities
  • Resilience among University Students with Disabilities.

Currently, Rahul is part of the University of Sydney led consortium that is developing a research agenda to improve the lives of people with disability, their families and carers. Internationally, Rahul is working with researchers in India to investigate self-compassion and well-being among parents of young adults with autism in India and Australia.

American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Council for Exceptional Children, USA

  • Division of Behaviour Disorders
  • Division of Research
  • Teacher Education Division
  • Multicultural-CLD Division

Australian Association of Special and Inclusive Education

International Association of Special Education

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