Tace Vigliante

Course Directors

Dr Tace Vigliante

BEd (Hons) UniSA, PhD UniSA

Course Director / Senior Lecturer
Port Macquarie

Dr Tace Vigliante is currently the Course Director for the Bachelor of Teaching (Primary), Master of Teaching (Primary), Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) and Master of Teaching (Secondary). Tace joined School of Teacher Education, Bathurst as a lecturer in 2011 and is now located at the Port Macquarie campus.

After completing her honours research on anti-racism education in pre-service teacher education, Tace spent 3 years in a remote Aboriginal community on the Pitjantjatjara Lands. She then returned to UniSA to conduct her PhD research on developing understandings of social justice and equal human worth in teacher education.

In her PhD thesis, a case is made for the importance of developing philosophical and, more particularly, ethical understandings, which underpin understandings of social justice. An argument is mounted, not present in existing literature, for a Capabilities Based Approach to social justice and Social Justice Education. An understanding of equality, namely, equal human worth, is argued for, based on the common human capacity for suffering and well-being. In addition, the attribution of individual responsibility and prejudice are identified as common denials of equal human worth. The necessary conditions for effective Social Justice Education course design is investigated with the Philosophy for Children's Community of Inquiry approach being noted, for its proficiency in developing such understandings whilst also incorporating the strategies found in the literature to be effective in developing equal worth and reducing denials of equal worth. An intervention study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of a pre-service teacher education course, which aimed to develop understandings of common human capabilities using a Community of Inquiry pedagogy. Findings included a significant increase in the intervention group on measures of equal human worth and a reduction in the common denials of equal worth. It is concluded that a Community of Inquiry pedagogy is effective in developing such understandings of equality while avoiding pedagogical problems of indoctrination and political correctness.

Through both her teaching and research in teacher education, Tace has focused on the importance of social justice as a central goal of education. Tace teaches in the Social Studies curriculum subjects (SOSE/HSIE) and in Indigenous Studies in Education subjects, both on campus and distance education. She considers Indigenous Studies in teacher education an important vehicle for addressing disadvantage and injustice in Australia. Her teaching and research focus on anti-racism education has continued through the provision of a Charles Sturt Faculty grant.

  • Social education
  • Social justice education
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Anti-racism and anti-prejudice education
  • Philosophy for Children
  • Ethical inquiry and the 'community of inquiry' approach
  • Philosophy across the school curriculum
  • Values education, ethical reasoning and thinking skills
  • Social Educator's Association of Australia (SEAA)
  • International Society for Justice Research
  • Primary Ethics (teacher and trainer)
  • Philosophy For Australian Schools (Former Chair)
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