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Heather Campbell

Bachelor of Educational Research (Honours), Bachelor of Education (hons); Associate Diploma Social Science

Associate Lecturer
Albury / Wodonga
Building 763 Room 112

I am passionate about understanding the continuum of education, having qualifications and experience in both early childhood and primary school settings, and present involvement in teaching about and for adolescents in the B.Ed (K-12 Middle School) degree. I have travelled extensively, studied and taught in Bali and Vanuatu, and believe that developing an understanding of culture, privilege and global citizenry is essential in developing excellent educators.

I completed my Bachelor of Educational Research (First Class Honours) degree in 2015. My topic was the experience of early career primary school teachers as they worked with implementing the new ACARA history curriculum.  I have contributed to research regarding Indigenous students' self-perception as potential tertiary students (2010); the re-conceptualisation of the first year of primary school in South Australia (2008); and Learning and Assessment at CSU (2009). I have also researched the impact of international placement on regional tertiary students (conference paper, 2012).

I have written and implemented 18 subjects, ranging from early years science, mathematics and technology to classroom management, educational research, culture and identity, education for sustainability, literacy methods, and HSIE in the primary classroom. Generally, my focus has been on the Bachelor of Education (K-12) degree, but I have taught across multiple degrees, both on campus and online.

I am involved in the Future Moves program that aims to help introduce secondary and primary students to university. I am on the committee for the planning of Foundation Day at CSU, as well as the advisory committee for the STRIVE Student Leadership program. I am also a member of the working party for the establishment of the CLIDE research network. I am responsible for overseeing the Refugee Action Support Scheme (RAS) in Albury-Wodonga.

I am also a Values Ambassador at CSU.

  • Reconceptualising Reception (2008 report for the South Australian government: Campbell, Kearney, Perry, and Taffe)
  • Challenges, Opportunities and Outcomes for Inland Educators (submitted article: Uusimaki and Campbell)

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