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Dr Kiprono Langat

BAEd Kenya, MEd (International Ed) (Hons), PhD NE

Wagga Wagga

A teacher by profession, Kip Langat has previously taught in both primary and high schools and at universities in Australia and Kenya. Kip is currently a Lecturer in Social Studies and Literacy Education. Since being awarded MEd (Hons) Class 1 with specialities in International Education (UNE), Kip has broadened his research and interest in comparative understandings about teaching and learning in a global context. In October 2006, Kip received the New England Award which recognises this involvement in the full international experience and the many opportunities available to develop life skills.

Kip's doctoral research focused on psychoanalytic inquiry of teaching pedagogies, specifically, teachers' reading positions of prescribed classroom texts. The thesis has a direct link to researching and developing education as a public good, in particular the teaching and learning of English language in local and international contexts. His Class 1 Honours Master's degree thesis draws on a number of theoretical perspectives from the field of international education but with particular focus on discourses of the current trends in public education contexts. The study is an analysis of discourses of education, poverty and sustainable development in rural and regional areas. The research goes beyond the mere rhetoric of education for all to identify and analyse major discourses and narratives embedded in themes such as 'partnership' both nationally and internationally in the formulation of regional educational policies.

Kip's research passions include:

  • Rural teacher education and school(ing) practice
  • Curriculum area literacies
  • International education
  • Rethinking social change and sustainability (Indigenous Australian and Kenyan education contexts)
  • Refugee studies

Current project(s)

  • "What out-of-school resources and practices facilitate African refugee students' educational success in Australian rural and regional setting?" - Faculty Research Grant
  • "Leadership, ethnicity and diversity: Examining school leadership in ethnically diverse schools in regional New South Wales"
  • Education Studies - sociological stances, particularly how education and schooling practices are implicated in the production of power, knowledge, identity and community
  • Literacy Education - teaching reading in diverse world and literacies for learning
  • Learning and Professional Development - multicultural pedagogies and professional learning portfolios
  • Member of School of Education Board
  • CSU Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Committee
  • Queensland College of Teachers
  • Australia and New Zealand Comparative and International Education Society
  • African Studies Association of Australasia & the Pacific
  • Australian Literacy Educators' Association
  • Reviewer of the International Journal of Critical Pedagogy

Community Connections

  • Member of the Board of Centacare Managers Inc
  • Collaborate with interagency service providers to ensure improved engagement of newly arrived (humanitarian) migrants in local community, and as part of broader City of Wagga Wagga Social Plan
  • Member of Education for Sustainability consortium (with teachers, principals, public and private environmental consultants in Wagga region)
  • Member of the Online Volunteers, a United Nation's community engagement initiative
  • Wilkinson, J. & Langat, K. (forthcoming). Encountering "the absolute stranger": Exploring regional teachers' pedagogical practices in a culturally diverse school. In The Australian Review of African Studies.
  • Langat, K. (2009). Transforming the teacherly self: 'Interfering' with prescriptive curriculum—the case of the Kenyan secondary school teachers. A refereed paper presented at the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement: New Departures for a Learning World of Quality and Equality, The Westin Bayshore Conference Centre, Vancouver, Canada, 4-7 Jan.
  • Langat, K. (2008). Deconstructing Neo- colonialism and liberalism: Kenya and the NGOs – A discourse analysis. In the International Education Journal: Comparative Perspective. 9 (2), 91-103.
  • Langat, K. (2008). Rethinking poverty, education and human development in postcolonial Kenya: A discourse analysis. A paper presented at the International Development Conference: Fulfilling the Millennium Development Goal of the United Nations - The Journey So Far, Toronto, Canada, 27-29 Nov.
  • Langat, K. (2008). Schooling/Learning Adjustment and challenges of African migrants in Wagga Wagga: A social psychoanalytic approach. A paper presented at the AFSAAP Annual Conference: Africans in Australia and Outsiders in Africa. Australian National University, Jan 31 – Feb 2.
  • Wallace, A. & Langat, K. (2008). Rethinking place in curriculum. A paper presented at the Social Educators Association of Australia biennial conference University of Newcastle, 'Making a Difference: Multidimensional Citizenship Education in a Changing World', January 20-22, 2008.   Langat, K. (2008). Constructing texts/reading positions. In proceedings from the New Zealand Association for Research in Education (NZARE) National Conference, 'Education in the Pacific', University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. ISBN: 1176-4902

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