Ryan Al-Natour

Teaching and Research Staff

Dr Ryan Al-Natour

Building 1431, Room 2.8

Ryan is an academic in the School of Teacher Education. He has experience working on decolonisation projects within tertiary education, specifically in the areas of Teacher Education and Social Work. Ryan also has experience working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tertiary education at two institutions and has worked with urban and regional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Western Sydney and parts of Central Queensland.  At the School of Teacher Education, Ryan teaches units on Inquiry-Based Pedagogy, Indigenous Pedagogies and inclusive settings, and Pedagogies for Social Justice in Teaching and Learning Environments. Ryan holds an Honours Degree in Social Sciences from the University of New South Wales and a PhD from the Institute of Culture and Society, Western Sydney University.

Ryan's research interests range from

  • post-colonial theory,
  • critical race theory,
  • Indigenisation and decolonisation of tertiary education
  • Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge systems within curriculum,
  • race and ethnicity studies,
  • diversity and education,
  • Intersectionality,
  • social justice and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander pedagogies.
  • EML447 Issues in Contemporary English and Literacy Education
  • EEB206 Pedagogies and Practice for Social Justice
  • ESS306 Programming, Teaching and Learning in Inclusive Settings

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