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Why study Theology?

Interested in theology and not afraid to pursue it? Studying theology is part adventure, part discipline and part exploration. It is to go to another place and find yourself disconcerted and at home in the same moment. It is to situate yourself under searching questions and allow the best contemporary scholarship to lead you to an answer relevant for today. Who is the God revealed in Jesus of Nazareth? How can we understand scriptural texts? How do they speak? What are my perspectives as a believer? What are the tenets of faith? What is of relevance for living in this culture and this time?

Christian theology in particular challenges us to explore how belief in the God who is love leads to ethical living, advocacy for justice, and care for others? It seeks to understand the patterns of worship that have emerged, what has made them flourish, and what leads to change.

Theological study is immediately cross-disciplinary. It works with disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, social sciences, architecture, music, textual analysis, linguistic study, symbol, history and many others to bring the best of human thinking to bear on the meaning and presence of the divine in the world. Engaging with theology opens us to the broad flourishing of human wisdom.

In this, theological study does not shy away from the difficult questions. It leads to thinking and involvement in issues of inequity, injustice, environmental degradation, the sharing of natural resources, racism, violence, anti-Semitism, colonialism, amongst others. It also works to uncover how theological reflection has been complicit in these blights on human history.

Ultimately theology is an excursion into the triumph of love, hope and grace. That’s why it’s worth the study!