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The School of Theology has a robust research culture: lively, resourceful, inquisitive, and academically rigorous. While the School has recognized research strengths in biblical studies and public theology, there are specialist researchers in systematic theology, church history, practical theology, and liturgical studies. In addition, the collections, facilities, and services in the various libraries of the School are designed to support researchers.

The University places an emphasis on faculty research and the contributions of candidates in higher degree by research programs. Research students are supported in a range of ways, with benefits offered to qualified students.

Our Researchers

Old Testament Studies

Associate Professor Matthew Anstey, Adelaide

Dr Marie-Louise Craig, Brisbane

Dr Jeanette Mathews, Canberra

Dr Anthony Rees, North Parramatta

New Testament Studies

Dr Jeff Aernie, North Parramatta

Dr Tim Harris, Adelaide

Dr David Neville, Canberra

Church History/Religion and Society

Dr Bernard Doherty, Canberra

Dr Michael Gladwin, Canberra

Dr Jonathan Holland, Brisbane

Dr Josephine Inkpin, Brisbane

Liturgical Studies

Dr Brian Douglas, Canberra

Dr Jane Foulcher, Canberra

Prof Gerard Moore, North Parramatta

Public and Practical Theology

Dr Geoff Broughton, Canberra

Assoc Prof Andrew Cameron, Canberra

Prof Elizabeth MacKinlay, Canberra

Dr Ian Robinson, North Parramatta

Dr Rhonda White, North Parramatta

Systematic Theology

Dr Jane Foulcher, Canberra

Dr Peter Kline, Brisbane

Dr Cathy Thomson, Adelaide

Dr Michael Mawson, Parramatta

Research Fellows

Assoc Prof William Emilsen, North Parramatta

Dr Jione Havea, Senior Lecturer, North Parramatta

Prof Thorwald Lorenzen, Canberra

Prof John Painter, Canberra, Canberra

Assoc Prof Clive Pearson, North Parramatta

Centre for Public and Contextual Theology (PaCT)

The School of Theology's research is coordinated with the Centre for Public and Contextual Theology. This Centre is devoted specifically to the analysis of the public expression of Christian faith and the implications of Christian faith for society as a whole.

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