Indigenous Research Summit

About the Summit

The Charles Sturt University Research Narrative includes Indigenous Research as a key ‘pillar’ of the University’s narrative in relation to research.

Working in partnership with indigenous communities to the benefit of those and other communities, research is conducted by both indigenous and non-indigenous staff with an underlying respect towards different knowledge sources, ways of doing and ways of being.

Each year, the School of Indigenous Australian Studies Research Committee convenes the Indigenous Research Summit to foster professional development for Charles Sturt University researchers to engage in culturally safe research with Indigenous Australians.

The summits provide an interactive forum to discuss how Charles Sturt University can usefully respond to the needs of our local communities and agencies through research partnerships.

Key presenters and panels are designed as discussion starters to instigate reflection and reflexivity around critical foundations for culturally safe research. Participants are provided with opportunities to understand and explore the complexities of working with and within highly complex intercultural, social, intellectual, historical and psychological spaces, enabling a greater depth of effective and impactful research in this field.


Working Online with Indigenous Australian Research, Online, November 23
Featuring Professor Maggie Walter, Jessica Russ-Smith, Nathan Sentance

2020 Summit Report


Decolonising the Academy, Dubbo, November 27-28
Featuring Aunty Pat Doolan, Uncle Ray Woods, Teresa Yasserie, Danielle Flakelar (NSW Aboriginal Heritage and Partnerships) Professor Sandy O’Sullivan, Elizabeth Mason (Terri Janke and Co.)

2019 Summit report


Indigenous Research Forum, Wagga Wagga, December 5-6
Featuring Mary Guthrie (Lowitja Foundation), Dane Kennedy, Graham Clarke


Indigenous Research Summit, December 7-8
Featuring Professor Lesley Rameka, Professor Maggie Walter


Making Connections & Making Plans: Setting a Research Agenda for the Future, Wagga Wagga, December 3-4
Featuring Professor Sandra Phillips, Professor Gethin Thomas