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The School teaches two large foundation subjects for around 25 CSU degrees.

IKC101 Indigenous Australian Cultures, History, and Contemporary Realities

This subject examines and reflects on continuity and change between historical and contemporary experiences of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians within the context of Australian culture, history, and policy. It provides opportunities for students to investigate and critically analyse the diverse experiences of Indigenous Australians to situate them to understand the complex ways in which social understandings and knowledge about Indigenous Australians is limited by how institutions such as schools, media, and Australian law reproduce knowledge from the past. Students do not learn about Indigenous Australians in ways that are disconnected from the experiences of all Australians whether they arrived over 200 years ago or more recently.

The subject is delivered progressively through a relational, reflective framework and as such learning from each module will be both formative and summative. It sets up a safe space for all students to challenge and interrogate their own perceptions through dialogue and ongoing reflection on the content.

IKC100 Indigenous Health

This subject introduces students to Indigenous Australian perspectives on health and well-being, and Indigenous-community controlled models of health care. It explores the underlying historical, political, social, economic and cultural factors contributing to contemporary Indigenous ill-health. It considers relationships between race, racism and health care to further explain Indigenous health outcomes. Students will apply a cultural competence approach to personal and professional models of health. The subject draws comparative lessons from Canada and New Zealand in Indigenous health outcomes.

Additional Indigenous Australian Studies subjects taught by SIAS:

IKC102: Indigenous Australian Cultures
IKC103: Indigenous Australian Histories
IKC200: Contemporary Indigenous Realities
IKC202: Indigenous Australians and Literatures: Critical Endeavours
IKC300: Indigenous Australians and the Politics of Race and Representation

Subjects taught in the Graduate Certificate in Wiradjuri Language, Culture and Heritage (GCWLCH) course

IKC301: Wiradjuri Language
IKC400: Wiradjuri Culture and Heritage
IKC401: Rebuilding Australia’s Indigenous Nations
IKC402: Professional Study in Wiradjuri Community Development

New Subjects for 2019/2020:

IKC403: Critical Studies: Indigenous Australian Cultures, Histories and Contemporary Realities
IKC404: Critical Studies: Indigenous Australians and the Politics of Control

The School also co-teach several Hybrid Indigenous Australian subjects:

JST123: Indigenous Australians and Justice
PSY114: Indigenous Australians and Psychology
MRS100: Professional Fundamentals
NRS212: Indigenous Australian Cultures, Health and Nursing
THL225: Aboriginal Cultures and Spirituality
MGT230: Ethics, Sustainability and Culture
EEB435/505: Indigenous Australian Studies for Teachers
SPH534: Cultural Competency and Community Development as Speech Pathology Practice
OCC415: Political and socio-cultural contexts of practice
PHS403: Rural and Remote Physiotherapy