The Creative Hub

The Creative Hub is a state of the art facility that provides students with the opportunity to learn and create using industry standard technologies. A feature of The Creative Hub is a full-scale professional television studio space.

The studio provides students with "hands on" experience in television production. It features a variety of sets that can be reconfigured for many uses, including: news feeds and on-camera performances. Three cameras are installed in the studio to feed live images to the control room. This allows students to create programs using multiple angles. The resultant product can then be recorded onto video tape or streamed to the web.

The studio space also features an industry standard control room complete with vision switcher, AB digital playout, multi-channel sound mixer, sound proof booth and blue screen facilities. A teleprompter furthers students' professional experience.

The online computer labs are also located in The Creative Hub. They provide the facilities for students to prepare and present their material to a wider audience, using the latest publishing and editing software for print media, television broadcast and the web.

Print journalism students have the opportunity to transform paper-based work into internet news bulletins and photo-media packages. They have access to the latest software which enables them to create outstanding publications with large format (broadsheet) print media.

Students of broadcast journalism work with other students in the school in cutting stories for television and web broadcast. Students access the latest digital editing software and DVD authoring tools. Students also access "dubbing racks" to produce copies of their show reels for potential employers.