Teaching and Research Staff

Dr Amy Erickson

School of Theology

Lecturer in Theology and Ethics

Amy J. Erickson is Lecturer in Theology at St Mark’s. She previously taught undergraduate students at Texas Lutheran University while serving as an online course facilitator for Fuller Theological Seminary. She is a graduate of the University of Aberdeen, where her PhD explored the ecclesiology and hermeneutics of the contemporary scholar Ephraim Radner through a theological reading of Hosea. Her research interests include figural reading, ecclesiology, church discipline, and the biblical understanding of wilderness as it relates to contemporary ethical concerns.

THL120 Practical Theology
THL202 Old Testament History & Narrative
THL115/490 Christian Worship
THL326/493 Theological Ethics
THL514 Theological Hermeneutics
THL544 Theology and Spirituality in Contemporary Engagement

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