Teaching and Research Staff

Revd Dr Geoff Broughton

DipYthMin, MATheol (Moore), ThM (Fuller), PhD (CSU)

Senior Lecturer, St Mark's National Theological Centre
St Mark’s National Theological Centre

Geoff Broughton is Lecturer in Christian Theology and Practical Theology at St Mark's National Theological Centre in Canberra, a partner in the School of Theology of Charles Sturt University. His research interests include the connections between Jesus Christ and justice after more than a decade of inner city life and nearly two decades of Anglican ministry.

Geoff has taught various courses in Australia and the USA in youth ministry, popular culture, ethics and Christian spirituality. Through St Mark's Geoff is also involved in clergy training, formation and supervision for a number of Anglican dioceses across Australia.


  • THL111/460 Introduction to Christian Theology
  • THL215/407 Jesus the Christ
  • THL203 Paul and His Letters
  • THL120 Introduction to Practical Theology


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