Michael Gladwin

Teaching Staff

Dr Michael Gladwin

BA DipEd (Canberra), MA (Hons) (ANU), PhD (Cambridge)

Senior Lecturer in History
St Mark's National Theological Centre

Michael Gladwin is Lecturer in History at St Mark's National Theological Centre in the School of Theology, Charles Sturt University, Canberra. A graduate of the Australian National University and the University of Cambridge, his research interests include the religious and cultural history of Australia and the British Empire, with a particular interest in the relationship between religion and war in Australian history. Michael is the author of Captains of the soul: a history of Australian Army chaplains (2013) and Anglican clergy in Australia, 1788–1850: building a British World (2015). He is currently editor of St Mark's Review, one of Australia's leading theological journals.

Michael's teaching spans early church history, the history of the European Reformations, Christianity in Australian history, modern Christianity in global context, the philosophy of history, and advanced historical research methods. He also supervises research students at Honours, Masters and PhD levels.

  • THL131/410 The Rise of Christianity to 600CE
  • THL132 European Reformations, 1400–1700
  • THL231 Christianity in Australian History, 1788–2000
  • THL330 Global Christianity since 1700
  • THL513 Church History Methodology (Masters level)
  • THL533 Philosophy of Religious History (Masters level)

Supervision of research students at Honours, Masters and PhD levels

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