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INF Placement Guidelines

INF208 and INF408 Professional Placement

Professional Placement Overview

The placement you will undertake as an information studies student will comprise fifteen days of observing/participating in professional level duties in an approved library or information agency.

The placement allows you to observe and participate in professional level duties in an approved information agency. The challenge of the placement is to investigate and understand an information agency in its community and/or organisational context, and to perceive more broadly your own role as an information professional. It is anticipated that the placement will provide a genuine taste of professional work, with the sponsoring information agency gaining an extra, motivated and productive member of staff, albeit temporarily.

In the School of Information Studies, students self-select their placement host. You can choose your placement site from the full range of types of libraries and information agencies. Working in a different type of library or information agency to your usual position enables you to see and experience roles with which you are familiar applied in a different context, in different ways and on a different scale.

During your placement you will be under the supervision of a professional member of staff who will devise a program for you and then guide and assist you while on placement, frequently with the involvement of other staff.

Detailed information about Professional Placements for Information Studies students can be found here.