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If you're creative, logical, have great communication skills and want a successful career that uses your imagination and lets you think outside the box, a career in Communication and Creative Industries is perfect for you. CSU offers an environment where creative people come together to explore their passions and unleash their creative potential. There are some great opportunities for you to work closely with students from related courses and get involved in all aspects of bringing a story to life on stage, in a studio, or on screen, in print and multimedia and you'll gain real production experience right from the start of your course.

When it comes to career opportunities, the sky is the limit. Whether you aspire to be an actor, advertising professional, designer, animator, journalist, photographer, graphic designer, public relations practitioner, visual effects producer, radio practitioner, television producer or any other role in the industry, CSU provides support and state-of-the-art facilities to help you achieve your career goals.  Or, if you have spent some time in the industry, you can maximise your career opportunities through postgraduate study or pursue academic avenues by undertaking your own research project, such as an exhibition, published book or a number of other creative endeavours.

If you have applied for a Communication and Creative Industries course for 2016 book your consultation / audition now. These consultations can be face-to-face or by phone. You'll get to meet our friendly staff, learn about life at CSU and see our amazing facilities first hand. Put yourself in the picture now! 

2016 Orientation Course Induction Booklets

Welcome to everyone joining the School of Communication and Creative Industries.

We hope Orientation Week (O Week) is an exciting time for each of you as you tranisition into Uni life.   We know you're going to love it here.

Take a minute to check out our O Week induction booklets below.  They're full of lots of useful information about CSU and our School.  O Week is a fun and informative week of activities to help you become familiar with the CSU environment and settle into being a uni student.

As well as being heaps of fun, O Week gives you a flying start to uni life. You'll meet other students in your course, your lecturers and many support staff who'll be available to help you while you're at CSU.


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