Krystal Gagen-Spriggs

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Krystal Gagen-Spriggs

Lecturer in Teacher Librarianship
Wagga Wagga

Krystal is a Lecturer in the School of Information and Communication Studies. She is part of the Teacher Librarianship team and is a specialist in school libraries and reading for pleasure. Krystal is currently completing her PhD through the School of Information and Communication Studies. Her research is in reading cultures, teacher librarians as influencers, and reluctant readers. Krystal has experience as a practicing teacher-librarian and has completed two Master of Education degrees – one in Teacher Librarianship and the other in Educational Research.

Investigating reading cultures in secondary schools:

  • What is a reading culture?
  • What makes it successful?
  • What are the perspectives and experiences of various stakeholders?

Reluctant reader voice; specifically girls in secondary school

Teacher librarian as influencers in reading cultures

ASLA Special Interest Group – Research



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