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Digital Library Usability Laboratory

A collaborative initiative of the School of information Studies and the Division of Library Services


Usability LabRoom 213-214 – CSU Wagga Library

The Digital Library Usability Lab has been setup to facilitate Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research at CSU. The objective is to assist researchers who wish to evaluate existing computer applications and other media, and will potentially lead to the development of new systems which ensure that the needs and practices of users are reflected in future information technologies. Primary activities in this lab will include, but are not limited to, carrying out usability research projects to study and design user friendly interfaces. CSU Researchers, including staff and students, can book the lab facilities free of cost for research purposes.

Equipment in the lab

Eye tracking equipment

To track and record eye movements on multiple types of screens, including computer monitors, tablets, mobile phones, projector, etc.

Eye tracking is a well established technique used to test and analyse interactive media such as websites, software, e-mail campaigns, on-line advertising & websites, computer games, and interactive TV.

It is also used in industry to track:

  • user gaze paths on print and electronic newspapers
  • on supermarket shelves
  • in store merchandising and point of sales
  • consumer packaging
  • print advertising and TV commercials

An eye tracker can help researchers find out exactly where people are looking!

  • Where does their gaze move around on a website or another media device?
  • Where do they look in an online (and even traditional) shopping environment?
  • Which content/images presentation techniques are most effective?
  • Do they see what you want them to see, or do they ignore it completely?

Three Windows-based desktop PCs

Equipped with microphones, headset, and Webcams.

Morae 3 software

With Manager, observer, and recorder modules to record screen interactions.

Two rooms

To accommodate researcher (monitor) in one, and study participants in another.

One way mirror

Between rooms to facilitate unobtrusive observation.

Tobii eye glasses

These glasses can be used almost in any environment. For example, in a shopping mall, library, etc. Tobii Glasses 2 is the next generation wearable eye tracking tool which gives researchers the possibility to capture truly objective and deep insights into human behaviour in any real-world environments. Tobii Glasses 2 shows exactly what a person is looking at in real time while the test person moves freely in a lab, shop, a restaurant or any locations. The product consist of a head unit, a recording unit and the Tobii Glasses Controller Software.

Lab Contacts

Patrick McKenzie
Technical Specialist Coordinator (DevOps, Technology, Post Production Pipelines)
Phone: +61 2 6933 4763

Kerry Vaughan
Acting Manager, Information Services / Copyright Coordinator, Division of Library Services
Phone: 02 6933 4272

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