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Research Overview

The School of Information Studies engages in a wide range of research activities in the information studies field. Its staff are active as part of research centres and groups, both locally and internationally, and as individuals. The broad range of areas of expertise among the researchers in the School of Information Studies are:

Documenting society

Exploring the practice, context and history of collections and collecting institutions in documenting society. Areas of research include archives and records, collection management; institutions and repositories, material culture and cultural heritage; conservation and preservation; the history of archives, library and information science.

Key people: Dr Jessie Lymn, Dr Mary Carroll

Scholarly communication

Understanding, mapping and informing changes in the ways that academic research is communicated. Research areas include open access, open data, measuring research impact, and the theory-practice relationship.

Key people: Dr Hamid Jamali, Dr Mary Anne Kennan, Dr Simon Wakeling

Human information behaviour 

Investigating how and why people interact with information. Research areas include information seeking behaviour, information literacy, information behaviour and flow, and the affective impact of information interaction.

Key people: Dr Waseem Afzal, Dr Yazdan Mansourian, Dr Hamid Jamali, Dr Asim Qayyum

Information organisation and knowledge representation

Focusing on information and knowledge organisation, and the uses and value of metadata in the context of retrieval and other information systems.Research areas include information resource description, bibliographic control (incl. cataloguing and classification), metadata, and indexing.

Key people: Professor Philip Hider, Mary Coe

Libraries in context

Considering the role and impact of libraries in a range of social contexts. Research areas include prison libraries, teacher librarianship, public libraries, libraries in educational settings, children’s and youth literature

Key people: Dr Kasey Garrison, Dr Mary Carroll, Dr Jane Garner, Dr Simon Wakeling, Dr Waseem Afzal, Dr Asim Qayyum, Dr Jessie Lymn.

Information services: systems and management

Examining leadership and management in an information context, and the role and functionality of information systems. Research areas include marketing for information services, information leadership, and library management systems’ features and functionality.

Key people: Dr George Yi, Dr Simon Wakeling, Dr Waseem Afzal

Doctoral Studies

The School has a large number of research students, most of whom are enrolled in our PhD program. Staff are available to supervise students in the topic areas listed above. People interested in doing a PhD here should read this page about the application process.

Inquiries about the School's PhD program and/or research in Information Studies should be made to:

Professor Philip Hider
School of Information Studies
Charles Sturt University
Locked Bag 588
Wagga Wagga, NSW 2678, Australia
Telephone: (02) 6933 2733 (from within Australia)
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