Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

Program Schedule

Day Time Program
Sunday 6.00am - 9.00am Breakfast with Tim Williams
9.00am - 12 noon Ronnie Mac's Morning Music
12.00 noon - 2.00pm Come All Ye with Bruce Cameron
2:00-5:00pm Country Music Club with Chris
5:00-6:00pm Jive After Five with Allan Taylor
6:00-7:00pm Latin American Program with Eduardo & Marcela
7:00-8:00pm The Connection with Roger Hargraves
8:00-10:00pm Here it Comes Again with Jeff
10:00- midnight 2mce Overnight
midnight - overnight 2mce Overnight
Monday 7:00-9:00am Breakfast with Tim Williams
9:00-11:00am Morning Music with Graham Pascoe
11:00-12noon Melodies & Memories with Marcia Bonham
12noon-1:00pm Talking Newspaper
1:00-2:00pm All Oz Lunchbox
2:00-4:00pm The Beat Generation
4:00-6:00pm Beat Cafe
Jibber Jabber Genre with Micahel Gould
8:00-10:00pm Free Association with Martin Hayes
10:00-midnight 12am overnight 2mce Overnight 2mce Overnight
Tuesday 7:00-9:00am Breakfast with John O'Connell
9:00-11:00am Morning Music with Marg Hargans
11:00-12noon Sentimental Journey with Laurence Wardman
12noon-1:00pm Talking Newspaper
1:00-2:00pm All Oz Lunch Box
2:00:4:00pm Melody Road with Susan Morris
4:00-6:00pm Beat Cafe
6:00-7:00pm Filipiniana with Nita Meacham
7:00-8:00pm SOS with Harry Chamberlain
8:00-10:00pm Great Sounds of Music with Judy Rutherford & Roger Hargraves & Marguerite McKibbon
10:00- midnight 2mce Overnight
12:00-overnight 2mce Overnight
Wednesday 7:00-9:00am Breakfast with Adam Thompson
9:00 -11:00am Morning Music with Barb T
11:00 -12noon Cool Climate Living Encore
12noon-1:00pm Talking Newspaper
1:00-2:00pm All Oz Lunch Box
2:00-4:00pm Wednesday Country with Mark & Tim
4:00-6:00pm Beat Cafe
6:00-8:00pm Cruise Control
8:00-10:00pm The Laundromat with Greg Fahey
10:00-midnight 2mce Overnight
12:00am-overnight  2mce Overnight
Thursday 7:00-9:00am Breakfast with Jeff Cox
9:00-11:00am Morning Music with Terry Fatseas
11:00am-12noon Morning Music with Megan Jackson
12noon-1:00pm Talking Newspaper
1:00-2:00pm All Oz Lunchbox
2:00-4:00pm Back To Vinyl with Ron
4:00-6:00pm Beat Cafe
6:00-8:30pm The Twilight Zone with Mark Ryan
8:30-10:00pm All the Worlds with Rob every second week
10:00-12midnight 2mce Overnight
12midnight-overnight 2mce Overnight
Friday 7:00-9:00am Breakfast with Ron Gibson
9:00-11:00am Rock & Roll Rarities with Bruce Powell
11:00-12noon Cool Climate Living with Susan Lacey, Monica Morse & Dianne Barnes
12noon-1:00pm Talking Newspaper
1:00-2.00pm Hannah's Show
2.00-4.00pm Cult Fiction with Tad & Adam
4:00-6:00pm 2mce music
6:00-8:00pm Friday Night Rock with Tim Williams
8:00-10:00pm Friday Night Music
10:00-12:00am 2mce Overnight
12:00-overnight 2mce Overnight
Saturday 6:00-9:00am Breakfast with Tim Williams
9:00-12noon Morning Music with Allan Levings alt with Alan Taylor's The Rock Pile
12noon-2:00pm One of the Folk with the Bathurst Folk Club
2:00-4:00pm Cowboy's & Outlaws with Wayne Hockings
4:00-6:00pm The Roaring Silence with Laurence Wardman alternating with Tim Williams Retro Top 40
6:00-10:00pm Saturday Night Jukebox (live request program) with Jeff, Ron, Tim, Tad & Mark
2mce Overnight
2mce Overnight

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