Alexandra Blitz-Raith

Proposed Title

The Development of a Multimodal and Semiotic Analytical Framework for Educational Apps


Multimodal and semiotic analysis of educational apps and the development of a framework to explain the multimodal components

Why I chose CSU

I completed my Masters by Research in Education at CSU by distance and my supervisor recommended that I apply for a PhD


Blitz-Raith, A.H.,Paimin, R., Kolev, S.D . The application of polymer liquid membranes to the extraction of cobalt(ii) from aqueous solutions. 2005 ,International Solvent Extraction Conference. China
Blitz-Raith, A.H., Paimin, Rohani, Cattrall, Robert, W. and Kolev, Spas, D.
Separation of cobalt(II) from nickel(II) by solid-phase extraction into Aliquat 336 chloride immobilized in poly(vinyl chloride) Talanta, 2007, Vol.71(1), pp.419-423

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