Research opportunities

Funding Opportunities

External Support for Research

Staff are encouraged to use Research Professional to source funds to support research projects. For help in using Research Professional, and further advice on securing external support for research, please visit the Find a Funding Opportunity page.

All external research grant and consultancy applications, unless otherwise stated by the Research Office, must be submitted with a Notice to Submit (NTS) to the Research Office a minimum of TEN (10 working days) prior to the external submission date. There are also Faculty timelines to be considered, as the NTS needs to be reviewed by the Associate Dean (Research) and your Head of School prior to submission to the Research Office. You should allow an extra FIVE (5) working days to allow this.

Grant Application Timelines


As soon as you can

Discuss your intentions with your Head of school, Associate Dean (Research) and Faculty Research Liaison Officer. They are here to help.


When advised

*For ARC Grants Only - When advised by the Research Office...

Prepare the required documentation, including a signed Intent to submit (ITS) form, and send to the Research Office. You only need to complete an ITS for ARC grants.


15 working days before closing date

At least 15 working days before closing date send the following to your Head of School:

  • Your full application.
  • Your Notice to Submit (NTS) form, which has been signed by all Charles Sturt University Investigators.
  • Any requests for support/leverage funding.

Your NTS will need to be signed by your HOS who will then forward to the associate Dean (Research). All NTS requesting over $500,000 need to be approved by the executive Dean.


10 working days before closing date

Send the following to the Research Office:

  • Your full application.
  • The funding guidelines and due date.
  • Your NTS, signed by all CI's, HOS and ADR.
  • Any supporting documents (e.g. confirmation of support/leverage funding).

Closing date

The Research Office will either submit your application to the funding body on your behalf
They will advise you to proceed with submitting your application yourself.

Internal Support for Research

The University is currently offering a series of internal funding schemes to its researchers to develop their capacity and capabilities, including their ability to gain and leverage external funding and build industry and community partnerships. These schemes include, but are not limited, to those listed below. For further details and advice about these schemes, please contact the Faculty’s Associate Dean Research, Professor Brendon Hyndman.

Internal Funding Schemes

This scheme is designed to facilitate a return to active research for staff in all Faculties of the University. This is targeted at staff who have taken a significant career break for reasons including, but not limited to, maternity or paternity leave, extended sick leave, carers leave or other circumstances that have required a break from their research activities, and where no other internal or external funds are available to support their research.

The guidelines and application form are available to download below:

The Open Access Publishing Scheme for 2021 is open to Charles Sturt University researchers in all faculties on a first come, first served basis, whilst funds are available.

A maximum of $2,500AUD is available as a contribution to open access publishing fees. For this scheme the article must be published in a 100% open access journal. Please read the guidelines before applying.

The guidelines and application form are available to download below:

The aim of this group is to help create larger research projects and support new researchers.

For details, please refer to this document.

For further information

For advice about both external and internal grants in general, please contact Professor Brendon Hyndman.

Budgeting advice and external grant development support is also available in the Research Office.