Current Candidate Profiles

The work done by doctoral candidates in the Faculty of Arts and Education is diverse, spanning the research areas of the schools that make up the Faculty.

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Candidate Research Topic/Title
Sarkhan Gasimov The influence of al-Ghazali’s works on Abraham bin Maimonides regarding God, universe and human soul through his mysticism
Leila Khaled How effective is ISRE (Muslim scripture) in making better Muslims and better citizens?
Carol Mroue Psychological Trauma of domestic violence and an Islamic perspective on healing: A case study of Australian Muslim women
Ahmed Ikramullah The Global Issue of Moonsighting; Sighting vs Calculation, A critical Evaluation
David Drennan Beyond Flexibility in Fatwas: Engaging Power, Progress, and Modernity in Islamic Thought
Emre Celik American Perspectives of Fethullah Gulen and the Hizmet Movement
Nasreen Hanifi TBC
Candidate Research Topic/Title
David Simpson The gifted child's transition to Primary school
George Scorgie The Changing Space of International Education: Investigating a Chinese-International School in Mainland China
James Purkis A study of the interrelationship between school and out-of-school uses of digital technology for collaboration by Australian secondary school students using activity theory
Phil Roberts Rethinking Place in Rural Education
Letitia Galloway How does the Australian Curriculum:History Enable or Constrain Rural Primary Teachers' Professional Practice?
Lincoln Gill Pre-service teacher use and non-use of ICTs for learning and teaching on professional placement: Investigating pedagogical decisions and defining practice
Emma Saxton Music and Music Education are important in our lives: An investigation into the Values of a Regional Community
Melissa Lew TBC
Amanda Cooke Towards a re-conceptualisation of risk-taking in early childhood education and care practices.
Alexandra Blitz-Raith The Development of a Multimodal and Semiotic Analytical Framework for Educational Apps
Nicole McGill 'Wait' lifting: Active waiting for services for children with speech and language difficulties
Belinda Friezer How do infants interact in triads in long day care?
Anna Cronin The speech, participation and well-being of toddlers with cleft palate
Helen Stavrou Singing to success: The use of song as a motivational tool for promoting writing/creative writing in the EFL/ESL classroom-tertiary education
Jenny Dwyer Children’s universal right to play, learn and express opinions: A cross cultural study of the cultural construction of STEM
Maslathif Dwi Purnomo The Power of Language on the Political Event in Indonesia: A Multimodal Analysis of President Jokowi’s Speeches
Richard Skiba TBC
Belinda Downey Staying in the early childhood education workforce: Balancing struggle and hope
Eileen Clark TBC
Marie Ireland TBC
Kate Margetson Supporting English-speaking professionals to work with bilingual Vietnamese-English-speaking children
Jenny Dwyer Children’s mathematical graphics in play
Brenda Bruce Teachers documenting critical reflections: A Western Sydney primary school case study
Richard Carroll Why is the High School IT “Crowd” becoming an empty room?
Goutam Roy Development of Scientific Literacy in Play-based Settings in Early Years in Australia
Candidate Research Topic/Title
Wendy De Luca Preparing the Ethical Soldier: Ethics training for beginning professionals within the Australian Army
Romany Manuell The education and training role of Australian academic librarians
Rebecca Muir Moving forward in library service provision for people with an invisible disability
Monique Shephard Adolescent responses to depictions of mental health in Australian contemporary young adult fiction
Mary Coe A sense-making approach to active e-book indexes
Arif Khan An investigation of practicum supervision in library and information science
Kate Rowe Digital literacy within the community, and the role of libraries and other organisations
Krystal Gagen-Spriggs Teacher librarians as influencers of reading cultures in secondary schools.
Candidate Research Topic/Title
Jennifer Watkins Rural Rites: Women's Experience of Funerals and and Remembrance on Lower Eyre Peninsula in the post 1960s era
Sharon Crossett Making boys disappear: maternal abandonment, heroic girlhood and emasculation in young adult dystopian fiction
Monica Short The Anglican Church of Australia engaging with people in rural, regional and remote Australia
James Rogerson Walker Percy in the Age of the Crisis of Man
Graham Lupp Building Bathurst - The story of those who built Bathurst and Central NSW 1815-1915
Sharyn Anderson Colour, Light and the Complexity of Modernity: The Life and Work of Dorothea Mackellar
Nushrat Azam Silence of the Mirror: Gender Performance and Multiple Identities of Female Characters belonging to South Asian backgrounds
Candidate Research Topic/Title
John Brunton Theology in Planning: an Integrated theological framework for the planning process
Rev Mark Thomas Adelaide Anglicans and the Gospels: towards a transformative Gospel literacy
Leonie Westenberg When she calls for help: Domestic violence in Cristian families, and the response of the church in the Australian context
Don Tamihere "Ka kohia atu au ki tōku iwi": A Māori reading of Genesis 49:1 – 50:14
Matt Anslow The Prophetic Vocation of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew: A Narrative and Socio-Historical Study
Isileli Jason Kioa The Role of the Tongan National Conference in the Uniting Church in Australia
Kaye Colwell Ordained Local Ministry: practice and best practice
Ensar Cutahija Mystical Approach to the Qur’anic Story of Prophet Isa (Jesus) through the Exegesis Ruh al Bayan by Ismail Haqqi Bursawi
Mir Sadeq Ansari The role of 'aql in matn (content) criticism in the works of Abu Ja'far Tahawi
Mark Layson The lived experience of loyalty and betrayal: Implications for multidisciplinary responses to Moral Injury in emergency workers
Ryan Buesnel TBC
Andrew Clark-Howard Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Christology and Theological Method in Contemporary Conversation
Matthew Grubits TBC
Sally Mordike The experience of homefulness: Exploring the depth of meaning of home for older people living with dementia
Simon Russell-Brown The Significance of ‘Science’ in the Theological Method of T. F. Torrance
Sarah Kinstead TBC
Kaye Colwell Where the rubber hits the dirt track: Ordained Local Ministry in the parish.
Rebecca Hilton Australian Baptist women and identity: home and away: from 1882 to 1945