NameYear Dissertation Title
Dr Clare Britt2020Hopeful Lines of Flight: Possibilities for Reimagining Pedagogy in the Early Years of Primary School in Australia
Dr James Cloutman2020Towards a new model in employability development for mature age professionals
Dr Anna Cronin2020Toddlers with cleft palate: Enhancing communication through holistic child- and family-centred practice
Dr Lincoln Gill2020Teacher education students’ use of ICTs in teaching and learning on professional placement: Investigating influences and development within the activity systems of university and schools
Dr Sarah Hayton2020DIFFERENT SIDES OF THE SAME STORY? Cyberbullying and the positive uses of social networking: Examining perspectives from culturally diverse youth
Dr Nicole McGill2020Wait-Lifting: Active waiting for speech and language services by children and families
Dr Steven Murphy2020Rural school STEM success: Practices contributing to high STEM performance in rural Victorian government secondary schools
Dr Kelly-Ann Tribolet2020The provision of movement experiences in Australian early childhood curriculum: Examining educators’ practices and children’s participation in physically active play.
Dr Anne Whisken2020Informed learning practice in a secondary school: A participatory action research case study
Dr Amanda Cooke2021Towards a reconceptualisation of risk-taking in early childhood education
Dr Leanne Gibbs2021A study of practices enabling the emergence and development of leading within exemplary Australian early childhood education sites
Dr William Playford2021Perceived Effectiveness of Correctional Education Programs as Seen Through the Lens of Two Stakeholder Groups: Indigenous Students and Their Teachers
Dr Belinda Friezer2022How do infants interact in groups in Long Day Care across the first two years of life?
Dr Annette Gainsford2022Embedding Indigenous knowledges in the design of higher education curriculum: An international study in law education
Dr George Scorgie2022School culture, leadership and language development in a Chinese-International School
Dr Helen Stavrou2022Exploring the impact of popular song and sources of popular culture on the learning motivation of higher education EFL Students
Dr Van Tran2022Home language maintenance among Vietnamese-Australian families
Dr Eileen Clark2023Snapshots from Mayday Hills: A multidisciplinary study of Beechworth’s psychiatric hospital, 1900–1995
Dr Belinda Downey2023Staying in Early Childhood: Struggle, Hope and Connection
Dr Letitia Galloway2023A study of the impact of the Australian Curriculum: History on pedagogical practices of rural New South Wales primary teachers
Dr Christopher Stevens2023The literacy practices of Australian secondary students in one-to-one device classrooms
Dr Natalie Thompson2023Talking to children about literacies in and out of school in the 21st century
NameYear Dissertation Title
Dr Melissa Boyes2020Folklore in Contemporary Australian Literature: Baba Yaga as guardian and mentor in antipodean narratives
Dr Wilson Dobud2020Experiences of Adventure therapy: A narrative inquiry
Dr Graham Lupp2020Building Bathurst: The story of those who built Bathurst and Central NSW 1815-1915
Dr Khali Mofuoa2020Stakeholder corporate social responsibility in the light of an African moral theory
Dr Jennifer Watkins2020Rural Rites: Women's Experience of Funerals and Remembrance on Lower Eyre Peninsula in the post 1960s era
Dr Lucia Wüersch2020Transactional analysis in organisations: A case study with a focus on internal communication
Dr Mukesh Chander2021Citizenship, alienation, and the stripping of citizenship from Mujahidin: A Constitutional Justification
Dr Anne Munro2021A CHOICE NO CHOICE; The lived experience of people who identify as transgender (non-binary and/or gender diverse) in Australia
Dr Francis Okello2021HIV prevention in Uganda through 20 years: A social ecological analysis using mixed methods
Dr Astrid Paulsson2021Global justice and empathy: Can empathy research assist in addressing the problem of motivation in global justice, and if so, how?
Dr Monica Short2021The Anglican Church of Australia engaging with people living with disabilities and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in rural, regional and remote communities
Dr Muqeem Khan2022Enacting and Safeguarding Digital Intangible Heritage with Emerging Technologies and Speculative Design
Dr Karl Logge2022Mapping, weaving, weirding: Rethinking the radical to weird design
Dr Duncan Martin2022The virtues and vices of collective moral agents
Dr Susan Moore2022Safeguarding children from sexual abuse in remote Australia: Applying a "Both Ways" cultural approach
Dr Jennifer O'Dempsey2022The roles and visibility of women in Brisbane's social protests 1967-1982
Dr Julie Perrin2022Sibling bereavement when death is drug-related: A qualitative study
Dr Leslie Taylor2022Were the early years of Australia a ‘golden age’ for convicted criminals? An examination of social pressures on criminal law, legal administration, and punishment with a discussion on the incarceration of offenders in Britain and Australia from 1789 to 1830
Dr Sharon Crossett2023Representations of femininity and masculinity in Young Adult dystopian fiction
Dr Kaye Ervin2023Formal and informal care of people with behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia: A realist evaluation of research studies in rural Australia
Dr Rebecca Humphries2023Rudolf Steiner's Impact on Contemporary Australian Art
Dr Penelope Jackson2023Writing and Righting: Crime and Copying in Art History
Dr Liam Lander2023Official deviance exposed: An historical examination of political scandals in late twentieth-century Australia
Dr Karen Pinder Klemenchic2023Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Students’ Success in Higher Education: The Role of Relational Factors
Dr Connor Weightman2023Pipe Lines: Navigating oil's impasse through petropoetry
NameYear Dissertation Title
Dr Isileli Jason Kioa 2020The Role of the Tongan National Conference in the Uniting Church in Australia
Dr Brian McKinlay2020An Agenda for Joy: Rowan Williams’s Theology of Conflict, Unity, and Solidarity
Dr Mark Mickelburough2020For God so loved the world - theology and the Australian alpine environment
Dr Elisabeth Helen Miller2020The relational self in therapeutic relationship and the imago Dei: Towards an integrated psychotherapeutic and theological understanding of transformational healing and change in the process of psychotherapy
Dr Katherine Rainger2020Overhearing Ten Canoes, The Tracker and Charlie's Country: Theology in dialogue with the collaborative films of Rolf de Heer and David Gulpilil
Dr Danielle Treweek2020The end of singleness? Towards a theological retrieval of singleness for the contemporary Christian church
Dr Peter Walker2020On the Vision of God: An historical and theological inquiry into the significance of Nicholas of Cusa's De visione Dei for Christian theology of religions and interreligious dialogue
Dr Paul Baker2021Pentecostal imagination and the retrieval of identity: Toward a pneumatology of history
Dr Helen Blake2021The paradox of shame in couple relationships: A Pastoral counselling enquiry
Dr Faala Faamatuainu Amosa2021Courting a public theology of Fa'a-vae for The Church and Contemporary Samoa
Dr John Grimes2021Anzac and the sacred: Australian religious experience and the Great War: Religious and transcendent language, reference and interest in the representation of Australian experiences of the Great War, and their contribution to the creation of a myth of Anzac, 1914–1918
Dr Eleanor O'Donnell2021The relational power of God: Considering the rebel voice
Dr Brendan Pratt2021Christianity and Advanced Consumer Culture: Shaping a Response with Reference to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia
Dr Baden Stace2021"Sydney's One Special Evangelist": Reverend Canon John Charles Chapman and the Shaping of Anglican Evangelicalism in Sydney and Australian Religious Life, 1968-2001
Dr Mir Sadeq Ansari2022The Role of ʿAql in Determining the Rules of Matn Criticism in al-Ṭaḥāwī’s Sharḥ Mushkil al-Āthār
Dr Cynthia Geppert2022Addiction and the captive will: A colloquy between neuroscience and Augustine of Hippo
Dr Matthew Grubits2022The Crisis of Captain Moonlite: a case study of unbelief in colonial Australia
Dr Gaby Kobrossi2022The practice of being a Lebanese minister in the Uniting Church in Australia
Dr Philip Thomas2022Exegeting the world: M.M. Thomas's secular commentaries of scripture
Dr Kamaloni Tu'iono2022Seeking to Create ‘Vā ’ Spaces as a Means of Fostering a Communal Model of Supervision in a Cross-Cultural Setting
Dr Charles Tupu2022Fa'aola Fanua: A Samoan Public Theology of Taking Care of Custonary Land (Fauna faa-le-aganuu)
Dr John Brunton2023Theology in Planning- an integrated theological framework for the planning process
Dr Ryan Buesnel2023The German State Church Under Nazism: The Institute for the Eradication of Jewish Influence on German Church Life, Die Botschaft Gottes, and the Limits of Contextual Theology
Dr Alexandra Banks2023Broken Bodies, Broken Words: Feminist theology, trauma, and the arts
Dr Helen Crain-Welsby2023An Investigation of Non-Muslim Religious Educators’ Attitudes, Perceptions and Experience in Relation to Teaching about Islam
Dr William Frost2023A Lutheran Pastoral-Social Theology in Critical Collaboration with Public Theology as a Basis for Engaging with the Australian Context
Dr Rebecca Hilton2023Australian Baptist women: 1882-1945: "Writing with their lives"
Dr Mark Layson2023Developing a Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Framework to Prevent Moral Suffering (Moral Injury) in Trauma-Exposed First Responder Communities
Dr Peter Woodward2023Boring or Divine Encounter - Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Non-didactic Approach to Preaching
Dr Felicity McCallum2024 
Dr Grahame Rosolen2024 
Dr Simon Russell-Brown2024Repentance in T. F. Torrance's Scientific Theology: A study of the inner logic of his theological method and its origins