Name Dissertation Title
Dr Will Adlong Education Through Mobilisation: Toward Climate Change Mitigation
Dr Lindy Cavanagh The Efficacy of a Preventative Intervention on Regional Young People's Attitudes and Intentions Towards Help-Seeking for Mental Health Issues
Dr Penny Cooke The Social Construction of Informal Adult Learning in Community-Based Environmental Groups
Dr Amanda Davies The Impact of simulation-based learning exercises on the development of decision making skills and professional identity in operational policing
Dr Jessamy Davies Pedagogies of educational transitions: Continuity and change as children start school in rural areas
Dr Tessa Dafern An Examination of Spelling Acquisition in the Middle and Upper Primary School Years
Dr Lysa Dealtry Narratives of Starting School: Learning from Aboriginal Children, their Mothers, and their Educators
Dr Bob Duffy Earlier Coordination of Employment & Skills Development (E&SD) in post-conflict countries: A case study of Afghanistan to develop a model E&SD programme using Project Cycle Management & a Logical Framework Approach
Dr Sheena Elwick A philosophical-empirical interrogation of infant participation in research
Dr Stephanie Garoni Accomplishing transition: Investigating talk practices as students move between primary and secondary school
Dr Judy Geeves First Year and Beyond: Beginning Primary School Teachers and Teaching Mathematics
Dr Wendy Goff Partnership at the Cultural Interface - How adults come together to support the mathematical learning of children making the transition to school
Dr Jane Greenlees Looking beyond the answer: The code-breaking world of mathematics assessment
Dr Lyn Hay “Do we have to use a wiki, Miss?” How Web 2.0 technologies can support students as inquiry learners in a secondary school
Dr Kathryn Hopps Intersetting communication and the transition to school
Dr Carmen Huser Children′s Perspectives of Play and Their Research Participation
Dr Rachael Jefferson-Buchanan An examination of the relationship between philosophy, pedagogy and practice in UK Education: focusing on specific epochs in physical education.
Dr Cathy Kaplun The Starting School Study
Dr Amy MacDonald Content, context, and representation: Children's measurement experiences and understandings at the start of school
Dr Nikki Masters "Put your seatbelt on, here we go!" The transition to school for children identified as gifted
Dr Kathleen Mahon Critical Pedagogical Praxis in Higher Education
Dr Ken Meyer Imagination in learning Electrical Physics
Dr Steve Murphy Practices contributing to school STEM success in rural Victorian secondary schools
Dr Susanne Rogers Investigating the establishment of family-educator partnerships as children and their families, living in complex circumstances, make the transition to school
Dr Doris Santos 'On new beginnings': Natality and (participatory) action research in higher education
Dr Brooke Scriven The Social Accomplishment of a Young Child's Digital Literacies in the Home
Dr George Variyan Privilege, Power and Agency: A multisite study of teachers in elite private schools in Australia
Dr Anne Whisken Informed learning practices and experience in a secondary school blended learning environment
Name Dissertation Title
Dr Bulent Avci

Critical Mathematics Education in Neoliberal Era

Dr Helen Blake Enhancing intelligibility: Increasing participation of multilingual speakers
Dr Kathryn Bown An Investigation of Influences on Politicians' Decision Making in Early Childhood Education and Care Policy in Australia
Dr Cynthia Boyd Practice Fidelity and Sustainability of School Reform: A Study of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model in an Independent Elementary School
Dr Kate Crowe Multilingual Children with Hearing Loss: Communication and Choice
Dr Tamara Cumming Making Visible Early Childhood Educators' Ways of Negotiating Complexity
Dr James Deehan An exploration of the factors impacting primary teachers' science teaching efficacy beliefs and science teaching practices as they transition from university into their teaching careers.

Dr Kathryn Edgeworth

Discourses of inclusion and exclusion: Ethnic minority, Muslim and refugee students in rural schools

Dr Catherine Flores

Teacher induction in Chile: A case study of policy and practice

Dr Kristina Gottschall'May you live normally ever after!' -  Popular film as pedagogy: Youth, subjectivity and Australian cinema
Dr Christine Grima-Farrell Identifying factors that bridge the research-to-practice gap in inclusive education: An analysis of six case studies
Dr Kathryn Hendy-Ekers Linking the curriculum with museum experiences: 'Creating learning communities' between art galleries and the curriculum
Dr Noelene Hickey Tracking double degree university students' transitions, career development and professional choices in a rural Bachelor of Nursing program
Dr Suzanne Hopf

Supporting Fijian children's communication

Dr Erin Hunter ONE FOOT IN BOTH WORLDS: Providing a City Education for Indigenous Australian Children from a Very Remote Community - A Case Study
Dr Rachael Hutchesson Living the Label: Youth work, young people, being 'at risk' and community based (arts/sports) programs
Graham Lupp Building Bathurst - The story of those who built Bathurst and Central NSW 1815-1915’
Dr Sarah Masso Polysyllable Maturity of Preschool Children with Speech Sound Disorders
Dr Jane McCormack The extent and experience of childhood speech impairment
Dr Rebecca Miles Practising Place and Learning to Love the World: An Exploration of Place, Knowledge and Practice in Environmental Education
Dr Janet Moles The experiences of overseas-born, ethnic minority early childhood student teachers in New Zealand
Dr John Rae Practising Creativity: An Arts-Based Investigation of Creativity in Professional Practice, with Specific Reference to Public Health Services
Dr Phil Roberts Place, Rural Education and Social Justice: A Study of Rural Teaching and Curriculum Politics
Dr Nick Ruddell Decolonising school science education: The Sky Stories Project, towards a framework for contemporary school science
Dr Andrea Salamon   Conceptions of infants' capabilities: The nexus between conceptions, practices, and infants' lived experiences
Dr Tina Stratigos A case study of belonging for an infant in family day care
Dr Tyre Trez The Successful Acquisition of Second Languages Through Dual Language Immersion: A Case Study
Dr Sarah Verdon Embracing Diversity, Creating Equality: Supporting the Speech, Language and Communication of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children
Dr Matt Winslade The changing discursive underpinnings of NSW PDHPE and the impact on teacher professional identity
Dr Lucia Zundans-Fraser Self-Organisation in Course Design : A Collaborative, Theory-Based Approach to Course Development in Inclusive Education
Dr Helen Logan Constructions of meanings of quality within Australian Early Childhood Education and Care policy between 1972 and 2009
Dr Sarah Masso Polysyllable Maturity of Preschool Children with Speech Sound Disorders
Dr Maureen Moore Mindset and Mathematics in an All-Girls Secondary School
Dr Ben Thi Pham Children's acquisition of consonants, semivowels, vowels, and tones in Northern Viet Nam
Dr Brad Wright Sun Protection in Primary Schools: Applying the Health Promoting Schools Framework to Explore the SunSmart Phenomenon
Name Dissertation Title
Dr. Barry Archibald  A History of Inspection in Victorian Colonial/State Government Schools: 1852 - 2012
Dr. Terryl Asla  The Fourth Age: Human Information Behavior and Successful Aging
Dr. Marijana Bacic   A study of undergraduate student uptake of library discovery tools
Dr. Julia Bale An investigation into the information-seeking preferences of secondary school teachers
Dr Sally Burford The Practice of Web Information Architecture in Large Organisations
Dr. Oliver Burmeister What seniors value about online social interaction: the case of an online community
Dr. Lily Gao Information seeking and use of Chinese offshore students studying in Australian university programs
Dr. James Herring Year seven students, information literacy skills and transfer: a grounded theory
Dr. Joanne Huckel Assisting Secondary Classroom Teachers’ Management of Student Behaviours: Effective Behavioural Management Policy and Managerial Support
Dr. Tricia Kelly Taking a Positive Approach to Change Management in LIM Organisations: The Role of Appreciative Inquiry
Dr Paul Kloppenborg The scholarly activity of Higher Education lecturers in TAFE and the role of the TAFE library
Dr. Marie-Lourdes Lam The role of self-efficacy in the information-seeking behaviour of high school students in Mauritius
Dr. Helen Reid   Learning on the job: Librarians keeping up to date with emerging technologies
Dr. Jake Wallis #digitalactivism: networks, new media and political action
Dr. Wes Ward Exploring in-person and technologically-mediated communication within international agricultural research teams
Dr. Becky Willson Information in transition: Examining information behaviour of university faculty as they transition in academe
Dr. Cheng Po Ying Perceiving Usefulness: The Perception of Users on School Libraries and Librarians in Hong Kong