Brenda Bruce

Proposed Title

Teachers  documenting critical reflections: A Western Sydney primary school case study


Primary school teachers reflect on their practice. Little is known, however, about the ways in which teachers document their reflections. This project explores the practices of a group of teachers in a Western Sydney primary school. It employs a qualitative approach using case study methods, semi-structured interviews, and document analysis. This work is relevant to current requirements as an accredited teacher and speaks to the outcomes of reform at the level of classroom practice.

Why I chose Charles Sturt

Having completed a Masters of Education, I saw no reason to search anywhere else as I had had a really good experience with the staff and course material at Charles Sturt. When I called to enquire about further studies, two members of staff were very friendly and encouraging. When I look back, there was a clear sense of professionalism that came through in early conversations and that translated into quality to me.

Engagement and Memberships

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