Ché Baker

Proposed title

Reviving Digital Davinci; innovation and new methods of screen storytelling in Australia in the age of digital distribution.


My hypothesis, based on twenty years of creative practice across film, writing, and new media, is that multimodal, cross-medium storytelling will emerge as the ‘new normal’ in Australia. This trend will be driven not only by the environment in which the art is being created, but by artists themselves embracing this fluid form of creativity.

Evolving, social-based technology, new methods of media consumption and the constraints of the creative economy will continue to drive the emergence of this new artistic model, which makes an original contribution to knowledge in its methodology of building enhanced story worlds. This presents an opportunity for deeper learning through rich storytelling shared between the artist and their audience. Without the limits of working within a single creative medium, the artist is similarly free to move, grow and explore multiple modes of expression and interactions with audiences.

Why I chose CSU?

After several years as a film practitioner and novel writer, I learned the challenge of ‘cutting through’ to audiences with storytelling required a multi-platform approach and innovation in delivery. We developed a larger story world with things like laser-tag areas, escape rooms, and digital ‘extras’ for my novel. Australia has a unique landscape in the entertainment world and I wanted to investigate how independent producers are innovating to reach their audiences in the age of streaming, iPhone and short attention spans. CSU’s Creative Industries was a good home for this research.

Engagement and memberships

  • Screen producers Australia
  • Directors Guild Australia
  • Screen Editor’s Guild
  • Australian Cinematographer’s Society
  • ACT writer’s Centre
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