Goutam Roy

Proposed Title

Development of Scientific Literacy in Play-based Settings in Early Years in Australia


Developing scientific literacy among children in their early years focuses on science content knowledge and its applicability to real-life situations. Several studies have been conducted involving higher primary and secondary students; however, little research exists in the early years. Furthermore, developing scientific literacy in early years in play-based learning settings using the cultural-historical lens is also an undiscovered area. To meet this knowledge gap, this study will explore how children’s scientific literacy is developed in play-based settings in early years (4-6 years). Five specific research questions will investigate: how policies and curriculum promote scientific literacy, educators’ perceptions of scientific literacy in the early years, how educators promote or develop children’s scientific literacy, parents’ perceptions of scientific literacy in the early years and how scientific literacy develops in the different contexts of preschools and primary schools. A mixed-methods research design is planned, and the data collection tools, including surveys and digital tools, will be applied. Along with policy and curriculum review, children’s play-based activities will be observed through digital video observation. Two surveys will be administered to understand the perceptions of educators and parents. Stimulus recall interviews with the educators will be conducted to understand the process deeply. One early learning centre and one primary school will be purposively selected for data collection. The study will explore the process of developing scientific literacy among children in early years in a holistic way.

Why I chose Charles Sturt

After completing my Master of Science in Educational Science and Technology from the University of Twente, Netherlands, I applied for a PhD position at Charles Sturt University, Australia. I received the Australian Government Research Training Program (AGRTP) - International scholarship to continue my PhD journey. I have been working as a PhD researcher since February 2022.

Engagement and memberships

Research Assistant, Project: Science and engineering learning in play-based practice as part of established cultural context: Co-creating storybooks based on STEM play, School of Education, Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, Australia.

Technical Team Member, Education Watch Group, Campaign for Popular Education, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Life Member, Bangladesh Forum for Educational Development, Dhaka, Bangladesh


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