Janelle Di Falco

Proposed Title

How does trauma affect marital dissatisfaction in Muslim enmeshed marriages?


An analysis of Islam's response to enmshed marriages as a social and psychological issues by mastering the art of emotional intelligence through Prophetic intelligence.  The aim of the research is to explore the common factors that have led to a failed marriage in the Islamic context.  The research will target enmeshed marriages that have led to the increase of failed marriages due to trauma and as a result, mismanagement of conflict not based on Islamic principles which therefore has leas to a failed marriage.

How did you...?

Initially I began my acadmeic studies starting with my Bachelor and Honors degree in Islamic Studies.  I then was interested to further my academic studies and begin my PhD research in an area of interest that I am passionate about investigating and contributing to the research.

Engagement and memberships

Bachelor and Honors degree in Islamic Studies with CSU.  I am also a registered and qualified counsellor and psychotherapist.  I am a registered member with CTAA (complimentary Therapists Accredited Association).

Current candidate profiles