Krystal Gagen-Spriggs

Proposed Title

Teacher librarians as influencers of reading cultures in secondary schools.


Teacher librarians are a vital piece of the puzzle for the success of secondary school students. However, despite a call for more research to be conducted around teacher librarians in Australian schools, there is a lack of research specific to secondary schools and reading cultures. This study will explore the idea that teacher librarians are influencers in reading cultures within secondary schools. The term influencer is synonymous with person that the community trusts, seeks recommendations from, and engages with. Therefore, it is arguable that teacher librarians are influencers within their school communities, particularly regarding reading cultures. Qualitative research methods, including conducting case studies, shall be used to establish the extent of influence that teacher librarians have. The results of this study will be useful and interesting to all teacher librarians within Australia, and around the world.

Why I chose Charles Sturt

I am a practicing teacher librarian with an interest in conducting research within the field of education and librarianship. I completed my Master of Education, majoring in Educational Research with Charles Sturt in 2019. I enjoyed working with the staff of the School of Information Studies, finding their expertise and knowledge to be invaluable, and therefore chose to enrol as an HDR student.



  • Stower, H., & Gagen-Spriggs, K. (2019). Using evidence-based practice to inform school library programs. [Conference session] ASLA Conference 2019. [Symposium] ACT, ASLA, Canberra.
  • Stower, H., & Gagen-Spriggs, K. (2021). Using evidence-based practice to inform school library programs. In Capacity building school libraries conference. [Symposium] QLD, National Education Summit, Brisbane.
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