Research Candidates

Candidate Prospective Title
David Simpson The gifted child's transition to Primary school
George Scorgie The Changing Space of International Education: Investigating a Chinese-International School in Mainland China
James Purkis A study of the interrelationship between school and out-of-school uses of digital technology for collaboration by Australian secondary school students using activity theory
Phil Roberts Rethinking Place in Rural Education
Letitia Galloway How does the Australian Curriculum:History Enable or Constrain Rural Primary Teachers' Professional Practice?
Lincoln Gill Pre-service teacher use and non-use of ICTs for learning and teaching on professional placement: Investigating pedagogical decisions and defining practice
Emma Saxton Music and Music Education are important in our lives: An investigation into the Values of a Regional Community
Melissa Lew TBC
Amanda Cooke Towards a re-conceptualisation of risk-taking in early childhood education and care practices.
Alexandra Blitz-Raith The Development of a Multimodal and Semiotic Analytical Framework for Educational Apps
Nicole McGill 'Wait' lifting: Active waiting for services for children with speech and language difficulties
Belinda Friezer How do infants interact in triads in long day care?
Anna Cronin The speech, participation and well-being of toddlers with cleft palate
Helen Stavrou Singing to success: The use of song as a motivational tool for promoting writing/creative writing in the EFL/ESL classroom-tertiary education
Jenny Dwyer Children’s universal right to play, learn and express opinions: A cross cultural study of the cultural construction of STEM
Maslathif Dwi Purnomo The Power of Language on the Political Event in Indonesia: A Multimodal Analysis of President Jokowi’s Speeches
Richard Skiba TBC
Belinda Downey Staying in the early childhood education workforce: Balancing struggle and hope
Eileen Clark TBC
Marie Ireland TBC
Kate Margetson Supporting English-speaking professionals to work with bilingual Vietnamese-English-speaking children
Jenny Dwyer Children’s mathematical graphics in play
Brenda Bruce Teachers documenting critical reflections: A Western Sydney primary school case study
Richard Carroll Why is the High School IT “Crowd” becoming an empty room?
Goutam Roy Development of Scientific Literacy in Play-based Settings in Early Years in Australia