Research Candidates

Candidate Prospective Title
Helen Blake Enhancing proficiency, intelligibility and participation of multilingual speakers in Australia
Mark Brown Real-Time Compositional Tools for the Dance Classroom
David Simpson The gifted child's transition to Primary school
George Scorgie The Changing Space of International Education: Investigating a Chinese-International School in Mainland China
James Purkis A study of the interrelationship between school and out-of-school uses of digital technology for collaboration by Australian secondary school students using activity theory
Helen Logan Constructions of quality within Australian Early Childhood Education and Care policy between 1972 and 2009
Phil Roberts Rethinking Place in Rural Education
Suzanne Hopf Supporting Fijian children's speech, language, and literacy
Letitia Galloway How does the Australian Curriculum:History Enable or Constrain Rural Primary Teachers' Professional Practice?
Ben Pham Children's acquisition of consonants, vowels, and tones in Northern Viet Nam
Sarah Masso Polysyllable maturity of preschool children with speech sound disorders
Balvinder Mahinder Singh Whose culture, whose capital? An Investigation of the provision of education to humanitarian entrants in rural Australia
Lincoln Gill Pre-service teacher use and non-use of ICTs for learning and teaching on professional placement: Investigating pedagogical decisions and defining practice
Kathryn Hendy-Ekers How Teachers use Art Museums to Enact Curriculum
James Deehan An exploration of the factors impacting primary teachers' science teaching efficacy beliefs and science teaching practices as they transition from university into their teaching careers
Emma Saxton Music and Music Education are important in our lives: An investigation into the Values of a Regional Community
Melissa Lew
Valerie Tillett
Steve Murphy Practices contributing to school STEM success in rural Victorian secondary schools
Rachael Jefferson-Buchanan An examination of the relationship between philosophy, pedagogy and practice in UK Education: focusing on specific epochs in physical education.
Amanda Cooke Towards a re-conceptualisation of risk-taking in early childhood education and care practices.
Alexandra Blitz-Raith The Development of a Multimodal and Semiotic Analytical Framework for Educational Apps
Nicole McGill 'Wait' lifting: Active waiting for services for children with speech and language difficulties
Belinda Friezer How do infants interact in triads in long day care?
Carmen Huser Children's perspectives of play
Anna Cronin The speech, participation and well-being of toddlers with cleft palate
Helen Stavrou Singing to success: The use of song as a motivational tool for promoting writing/creative writing in the EFL/ESL classroom-tertiary education
Jenny Dwyer Children’s universal right to play, learn and express opinions: A cross cultural study of the cultural construction of STEM
Maslathif Dwi Purnomo The Power of Language on the Political Event in Indonesia: A Multimodal Analysis of President Jokowi’s Speeches